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London Amateur Radio Club
This is a group restricted to the Regular, Honorary, and past Members of the London Amateur Radio Club, located in London Ontario, Canada. New LARC members subscribing to our group will be approved by the Membership/Treasurer, and an initial post may be moderated. Guests (non LARC Members) with a legitimate interest in Amateur Radio will be allowed to subscribe for no more than two months, and all messages will be moderated.  If it takes longer than two months for guests to figure out we're a good and knowledgeable bunch, mostly harmless, and that joining LARC would be a benefit to them, their subscription will be removed. No spamming or trolling is tolerated. Spammers will be deleted on their first offence, and trolls will be warned once. This group is for individuals and Company accounts will be refused. You may discuss anything related to the Amateur Radio Hobby.  DXing, VHF, Mesh, Kit Building, Hardware, Software, Radio Repair, the Ham's favourite topic: Antennas, or anything else amateur radio related that comes up. Our goal is to create a friendly and synergistic community of radio enthusiasts. Respect is important. When applying for membership please enter your full name and your callsign, if you have one.  Joining this group may be the best way to improve your skills and knowledge or introduce yourself into Amateur Radio, by exposing yourself to a wide array of Amateur Radio experience. The moderators will take swift action against spammers and trolls, and limiting this list to LARC members and past members is one tool in the kit. Read, enjoy, contribute, and learn.
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Subgroups You Can Join

  • Club Station VE3LON
    This subgroup is for those who develop, build, and maintain the LARC Club Station VE3LON
    8 Members, 106 Topics, Archive is visible to anyone, Restricted, Last Post:
  • LondonAmateurRadioClub | DRFoxhunt
    Direction Finding for locating all manner of Radio Frequency Interference, from the annoying intermittent noises, to the malicious operator, usually unlicensed, who seeks to interfer with normal Ham oprations. Here we will share techniques, equipment, antennas, and assistance.
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  • LondonAmateurRadioClub | LARCAdvancedCourse
    The LARC Advanced Course will utilize weekly ZOOM meetings to present interesting material related to the Canadian Advanced Qualification Exam. The course will start on Saturday morning, January 15, at 9:00 EST, and continue until the end of April.  By then we should be able to hold an in person Advanced Exam at the Wing. The course is open and free of charge to any LARC Member.  There will be a $5.00 exam fee, to cover printing costs. Please advise me if you wish to be added to the Advanced Course email distribution list. Dave VE3EI
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  • LondonAmateurRadioClub | LARCBuildersGroup
    The Builders Group is for discussion and sharing amongst tinkers, experimenters, and those addicted to flux smoke!  Some prefer building Ham gear to actually operating.  Yeah, I know, Weird! but a lot of fun and frustration, with a real satisfaction when the darn thing actually works well.  Join us!
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  • LondonAmateurRadioClub | LARCHamfest
    This group is for those hard working soles who organize and run the LARC Hamfest.
    4 Members, 0 Topics, Archive is visible to members only
  • LondonAmateurRadioClub | LARCPi
    This is the Sub Group for those interested in applying the Raspberry Pi to Amateur Radio Applications.
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  • LondonAmateurRadioClub | LARCRepeaters
    This group is for the people who look after the LARC Repeaters.
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  • LondonAmateurRadioClub | SatelliteGroundStation
    A sub group for anything related to Satellite Communication
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